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Gilbert A Soulodre and John S Bradley (1995)

Subjective evaluation of new room acoustic measures

Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 98:294-301.

A series of experiments were conducted to evaluate several acoustical measures as predictors of subjective judgments. Subjects were asked to rank binaurally reproduced sound fields in terms of loudness, clarity, reverberance, bass, treble, envelopment, apparent source width, and overall preference. The binaural impulse responses were measured in several North American concert halls and were chosen so as to cover as broad a range as possible of RT, EDT, C80, G, IACC, and LF values. The results of these tests were then correlated with the various octave‐band objective measures to find the best predictor of each subjective parameter. New objective quantities were found that are correlated with loudness, clarity, bass, and treble judgments. The relative importance of the various subjective parameters to the overall preference of these sound fields was also examined.

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