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William Renwick and Dave Walker (2001)

Schenker-Analysis Glossary

Miscellaneous publication, Web published.

Schenker-Analysis Glossary is an extract of material from CD-Brahms, originally published as a Toolbook Multimedia application in 1993.  It is intended to assist scholars and students in understanding and applying principles of Schenkerian analysis.  The terms, in English and German, are specific to Schenkeran analysis.   The examples which appear refer to Brahms's Op. 24 Variations and Fugue on a Theme of Handel, an analysis of which Schenker published in Der Tonwille, 1924.

Russian translation published in Очеки и Этюдьґ по Методоогии Музьґаьного Аниза, Б.Т. Плотников (красноярсқ 2002), pp. 271-284.

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