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William Renwick (ed.) (2006)

Music of the Sarum Office

The Gregorian Institute of Canada, Ontario.

The Sarum Liturgy of the Western Church developed through the period 1066-1558, and was used throughout much of Britain and parts of North-Western Europe.  Sources for this Use exist in a considerable number of manuscripts as well as a large number of printed editions dating from the late 15th and early 16th centuries.  Under the rule of Elizabeth I, the Sarum Use was finally abolished and replaced (in England) by the Book of Common Prayer.  In the past two decades, NickSandon has published the greater part of the music of the Sarum mass in a fine series of editions published by Antico Music.  The Gregorian Institute of Canada has now begun the publication of the Music of the Sarum Office, containing the full text and music of all the services of the office for all Sundays, Week-days, Feasts and Fasts of the Year and Saints Days.  This edition, comprising approximately 5000 pages of text and music, will in the first instance be published serially in PDF format.  Each installment, which will contain approximately 250 pages of the edition, will be reviewed for content and accuracy by an Advisory Board before publication.    Publication began in January 2006.  New installments are published every six months. 

In 2010 we embarked upon a new venture, an English Edition of the Music of the Sarum Office.  The language will conform to that of the Book of Common Prayer and the King James Bible.  The English Edition will be available in two formats, Scholarly and Performing.  The Scholarly Edition will be essentially a faithful English Rendering of the Latin Edition.  The Performing Edition will facilitate performance by streamlining the rubrics, and by adapting the material where necessary.  We hope to begin publishing these editions in the latter part of 2010.

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