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Eva Götell, Steven Brown, and Sirkka-Liisa Ekman (2000)

Caregiver-assisted music events in psychogeriatric care

Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, 7(2):119-125.

An ethnographic approach to the study of caregiver-assisted music events was employed with patients suffering from dementia or suspected dementia. The aim of this study was to illuminate the importance of music events and the reactions and social interactions of patients with dementia or suspected dementia and their caregivers before, during and after such events, including the remainder of the day. The results showed that the patients experienced an ability to sing, play instruments, perform body movements, and make puns during such music events. While singing familiar songs, some patients experienced the return of distant memories, which they seemed to find very pleasurable. During and after the music events, the personnel experienced bonding with the patients, who seemed easier to care for. Caregiver-assisted music events show a great potential for use in dementia care.

dementia, psychogeriatric care, music, caregiver, singing

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