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Steven Brown (2005)

Bringing science to art

Neuropsychology of Art: Neurological, Cognitive and Evolutionary Perspectives, 10(8):288.

Several important books in recent years have examined the neuroscience of single art forms, including Zeki’s Inner Vision [1], Livingstone’s Vision and Art [2], and Peretz and Zatorre’s anthology The Cognitive Neuroscience of Music [3]. Dahlia Zaidel’s recent book is an attempt to look beyond single art forms and develop a broader and more integrative view of the arts and of human creativity. Through its emphasis on neurological case studies of professional painters, composers and musicians, the book aims to examine neural specialization for the arts. The fact that a book on this topic offers almost no mention of dance or the literary arts stems from an absence of informative lesions in practitioners of these arts rather than from any lesser interest in these branches of the arts.

arts, perception, cognitive function