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We invite you to support MIMM, our programs, our scholars and researchers, and our LIVE Lab.

Since MIMM’s inception in 2006, major strides have been made through research that spans four McMaster faculties, other Universities, and embraces community involvement and partnerships. 'We are committed to developing a world-leading facility for the scientific study of music, sound, and movement and its importance in human development, health, and society.'

MIMM is home to a unique research-based performance theatre and testing centre. The LIVE (Large Interactive Virtual Environment) Auditory Lab is unique among these kinds of facilities in the world. Studies in The LIVE Lab will be aimed, among other things, at understanding neuroscientifically how performers interact, what moves audiences during a performance, and the social and emotional impact of these experiences. Knowledge gained from experiments in the LIVE Lab will be transformative, "There are other virtual labs out there but they’re not equipped to study both musician and audience variables. This facility will provide us with rich sets of data not available anywhere else in the world."

Professor Laurel Trainor, Founding Director

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For more information on MIMM or the LIVE Lab initiative, please contact:

Milica Pavlica
phone: 905 525-9140 ext. 24346
fax:  905 529-6225

Faculty of Science
Department of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour 
McMaster University
1280 Main Street West
Hamilton, Ontario L8S 4L7